EN Furniture

Take to the sea and feel the breeze, smell the air, and bask in luxury!
Cruise Ship Flooring iconCruise Ship FlooringAll hands on deck! It feels really smooth.Floor1150450+4
Cruise Ship Wallpaper iconCruise Ship WallpaperBlue sky above, blue ocean below. This is the life.Wallpaper1150450+4
Cruise Ship Bar iconCruise Ship BarWhat will it be? A beer for the road, or a pina colada for the pool?Furni1150450+49×9
Pearl Manjuu Statue iconPearl Manjuu StatueHere we see the beautiful pearl emerge from its cocoon after pupating for so long.Furni140120+22×2
Mermaid Manjuu Statue iconMermaid Manjuu StatueA mermaidjuu statue, perhaps. Maybe even a mermaid statjuu?Furni140120+22×2
Deck Basket iconDeck BasketSqueeze the rubber ducky and get lucky.Furni140120+21×2
Cruise Ship Parasol w/ Cat Ears iconCruise Ship Parasol w/ Cat EarsA safe zone for the sun-sensitive, like Torricelli and Vampire.Furni140120+23×3
Cruise Ship Parasol iconCruise Ship ParasolDammit! Cheshire's been at it again!Furni140120+23×3
Cruise Ship Couch (Large) iconCruise Ship Couch (Large)Every bit as cushy as a beach without the annoyance of getting sand stuck to your feet.Furni1150450+47×7
Cruise Ship Folding Chair iconCruise Ship Folding ChairFound a better spot to sunbathe? Pack up and relocate!Furni140120+23×2
Sunlounger w/ Blanket iconSunlounger w/ BlanketFor lounging in the sun. Sometimes a name is as simple as that.Furni140120+23×5
Sunlounger w/ Pillow iconSunlounger w/ PillowFor lounging in the sun. Sometimes a name is as simple as that.Furni140120+23×5
Succulent Fruit Cart iconSucculent Fruit CartIt's à la carte. Get it?Furni180240+32×2
Deck Table iconDeck TableThe staff will take care of your leftovers.Furni22060+12×2
Deck Pool iconDeck PoolFilled with inflatables. Pick your favorite and let loose!Furni1150450+411×9
Deck Table & Chairs (Fruit Bowl) iconDeck Table & Chairs (Fruit Bowl)Sweeten up your holiday with something fruity.Furni180240+33×5
Deck Table & Chairs (Lemon Tea) iconDeck Table & Chairs (Lemon Tea)Freshen up your day with something zesty.Furni180240+33×5
Open Air Jacuzzi iconOpen Air JacuzziFeatures a bubble mode and adjustable temperature!Furni10150+46×4