EN Furniture

Do you want to experience the ninja life? Then apply to the Shinobi Mansion today!
Shinobi Mansion Flooring iconShinobi Mansion FlooringA modest lawn, evened out by the feet of many trainees.Floor1150450+4
Shinobi Mansion Wallpaper iconShinobi Mansion WallpaperWere you expecting a more remote location? Tsk, tsk. An expert shinobi hides in the open.Wallpaper1150450+4
Shinobi Short Table iconShinobi Short TableSnack break time! The milk tea is first come, first served.Furni140120+22×2
Bebeby Statues iconBebeby StatuesA trio of splendid statues and a present from your fellow ninjas. It feels like they're smiling for you.Furni1+35×3
Shaded Bush iconShaded BushThe perfect spot to practice your hiding skills.Furni22060+14×2
Shinobi Cabinet iconShinobi CabinetLoaded with various ninja tools and gadgets. Don't just rummage through it for the sake of it.Furni140120+23×2
Bamboo Fence (Tall) iconBamboo Fence (Tall)It's surprisingly sturdy. Makes you wonder if it's reinforced with Ninja Arts.Furni22060+11×4
Closed Sliding Door iconClosed Sliding DoorYou need a special shinobi trick to slide it open.Furni180240+33×6
Shaded Flower Bush iconShaded Flower BushThe shaded bush's evolved form. Mind the thorns.Furni32060+12×2
Floor Trapdoor iconFloor TrapdoorYou'd think it would be covered up. It's more ninja-y that way.Flat Furni12060+112×9
Shinobi Stone Trail iconShinobi Stone TrailFresh and natural. Looks pretty, but it's very awkward to walk over.Furni12060+14×11
Shinobi Bookcase iconShinobi BookcaseFilled with books on secret arts and techniques.Furni240120+24×2
Green Shinobi Tatami iconGreen Shinobi TatamiBeware, you might just fall asleep if you lie down here.Flat Furni32060+18×8
Shinobi Stone Lantern iconShinobi Stone LanternYou'll want to sneak around when it's lit to avoid detection.Furni22060+11×1
Shinobi Open-Air Bath iconShinobi Open-Air BathIt's lovely and all, but where does the water come from?Furni180240+312×9
Bamboo Fence (Short) iconBamboo Fence (Short)Shorter, but every bit as sturdy as the other. Is there some magic going on here?Furni22060+15×1
Porch Corner iconPorch CornerCorners are places of meetings, both between things and people.Furni140120+25×5
Shinobi Mansion Porch iconShinobi Mansion PorchA nice place to rest your legs.Furni340120+26×3
Shinobi Cushion iconShinobi CushionA lovingly crafted and, well, cushy cushion.Furni32060+12×2
Shinobi Sliding Doors iconShinobi Sliding DoorsIt takes a shinobi to open these.Furni1+39×1
Shinobi Mansion Wooden Flooring iconShinobi Mansion Wooden FlooringPlease practice your Ninja Arts outside. Floor repairs aren't cheap.Flat Furni12060+112×9
Spring Sliding Door iconSpring Sliding DoorThe spirit of spring emanates from it. You wonder what it looks like on the other side.Wall1050+46×0
Summer Sliding Door iconSummer Sliding DoorThe feel of summer emanates from it. You wonder what it looks like on the other side.Wall1050+46×0
Autumn Sliding Door iconAutumn Sliding DoorThe atmosphere of autumn emanates from it. You wonder what it looks like on the other side.Wall1050+46×0
Winter Sliding Door iconWinter Sliding DoorThe essence of winter emanates from it. You wonder what it looks like on the other side.Wall1050+46×0
Secret Sliding Door iconSecret Sliding DoorYou'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a partition.Wall240120+24×0
Wallpaper of Vanishing iconWallpaper of VanishingCan't see me! Can't see me!10140120+24×0